31 thoughts on “Most Comments in a Week Award

  1. Hey, can I add you to my Wii-mail? If I can, accept the e-mail I send you! If I can’t, ignore it! Just so we can talk e-mail Wii-mail and (YOU) send me updates on PG and (I) send you ideas for PG!

  2. Response to ‘Blog Stuff’:

    Hey, I have both ACCF (Wii Animal Crossing) and ACWW (DS Animal Crossing)! Can you add me? I preparing a PG party on ACCF!

    1. This kinda stuff is not for the blogs, its for the “Free Forum (Talk and Chat)” on the Penguin Generation forums. You should go there because you can talk about whatever and even start a topic (on the “Free Forum (Talk and Chat)”) about whatever you want. Please don’t spam it though, because spam will be removed.


  3. Fool. I can easily ban you for telling me to “shut up,” but I’m nice and I won’t do that to you. When did I give out my e-mail exactly. And I’m far more intelligent and wise than you know. I never give out personal e-mail for obvious reasons, but I have another e-mail, [email protected] (used to be another e-mail with Powerflare in it), for public knowledge and use. And as you seem to be unaware, no, my gravatar is linked to another e-mail.

  4. Show me the comment if you are so certain of this. Also, I’m going to have to demand that you use proper English—if you want to get your point across—because “The comment approved e-mail no have Powerflare in it?” with that poor grammar could be misinterpreted.

  5. Fool. It shows at the comment moderation screen because it HAS to!!!!!!!!! That’s not PUBLIC! If my e-mail WEREN’T on my account I’d HAVE no gravatar. Time to start using that brain God graciously gave ya…

  6. Hahahaha, just messing around with my profile. I’m going to change my name back to “Powerflare” and use the Pikachu gravatar again. I thought it’d be funny to make my name Japanese and use the new image of Ash with his hat backwards. :mrgreen:

  7. That’s not what makes you foolish. Its the fact that decide to keep, time and time again, breaking the rules. :( Spam is breaking the rules. Yelling “shut up” for—what turns out to be an incorrect and mistaken reason—is breaking the rules. Why would you do it in the first place.

    As I said before: next rule break, there will be consequences.

  8. You can’t really see what it is. Take a picture of Infernape right before the random Electivire explosion. That’d be epicness. Or the Infernape picture from the intro (where it shows Ash’s team).

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