Clock Tower Falls

The game has been updated. Go play it here:

Hey guys, it’s Powerflare! I don’t know it was a bad construction job from those jackhammer guys, the file size overload or what, but the clock tower broke down and fell over. Creative, huh?

I will upload today’s video that was supposed to be on the bulletin board to YouTube later. Also, a crew should be out soon to clean up the damage.


9 thoughts on “Clock Tower Falls

  1. me either! and i never got to see the jackhammer guys :( is there a certain time the server is on? cuz every time i try to connect it says “Cannot connect!” :'(

  2. We can’t fix this or the price would be way too high and it would cause a lot of problems among computers. The ONLY way we could possibly do this is if we got donations. Sorry.


  3. hey sportace remeber me?,anyways i got banned on boocky doock D:
    so wanna meet on my new acc: green day653? if so server,room,time?

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