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Hey guys,

OK, so I get all of you keep on complaining about the Penguin Generation™ game login saying “Can’t connect!” or “Server is currently offline.” means currently the server is offline. The server is what allows you to connect and see other people in the room, without it, you would just randomly walk around and talk to yourself. Currently, the server only allows 20 people on Penguin Generation™ at once, and it is only on when we turn it on. Also, right now Powerflare is the only one able to turn the server on. This however, will be fixed. Soon we will have multiple moderators turning on the server. ALSO, with YOUR donations we will be able to support 20+ connections on the server, allowing more people to play! Also, there’s another way coming up soon to pay “donations”, well, actually you may receive something. More information will be released later.

Any questions PLEASE comment on the forum or email us at [email protected]!

-Penguin Generation™’s: Agg

38 thoughts on “Servers

  1. Hmmm… I might have a suggestion. Maybe if you guys create a schedule for the server time. Ex. Turn them on Monday 2:30 to 3:00.
    Also you could create a page called Game Schedule or something like that to tell us when you are opening the server.

    – Sport

  2. No Jordan, when you were around the game didn’t exist like it does today. There would be no reason to put up the server more than 2 times a week back then. Now its a bit different.

  3. Jordan, I became discouraged when I read your comment. You sound upset and your comments don’t reflect what we are trying to do here at Penguin Generation. I’m not sure what made you so miserable toward us, but if we did something truly wrong, I sincerely apologize.

  4. Ive got an idea for a job for me. Making merchandise. its a great idea and to put more time on your hands. I know a better website then zazzle that ive been using for years. Its called what do u think?

  5. Well… Jordan you need to realize we’ve already ordered things from the shop. It’s actually really great, I’ve ordered top-quality posters from that site.

    We are still not sure if we should re-hire you, you “hacked” our emails, called mods rude names (you called me a rude name when I was the reason you were able to get mod), and you have done some other things. We just don’t know…

  6. No, I’m not gonna edit it. That kinda stuff often doesn’t bother me. Sure it may have been intended to do so, but I usually don’t even worry about that.

    Well, Jordan, there will be a History page coming this July which will cover Moderator History, and you will have multiple paragraphs covering you (it will mostly highlight the good although as it is history, will mention the few mistakes, but not in detail).

    Also, we are making a real life spoof for our new show, and you are mentioned as an ex-mod. I will e-mail you with more specific details about that.

  7. Yes Wiibob, it helps us out when you donate (I love getting high numbers on our monthly check), but you donate by purchasing items because we receive royalties, and you get something in return, at least. :D The prices are a bit high, but we can’t control the prices. However, the best way to speed up development time is to donate money or buy items from our store. We work slower the less income we get.

    There will be exclusive items from time to time on the store, too. Good ones; well designed and detailed.

  8. @Chub: That was the original plan. However, we are selling things to people on a game that is has a lot of things of Club Penguin on it so it would therefore be illegal…

  9. @Morpheus: That is incorrect. After self hosting WordPress no longer owns your website, their dashboard just becomes the basis to the website. With self hosting, the possibilities are endless on a blog.

  10. @”their dashboard just becomes the basis to website” – I think that could be more clearly stated by saying: “you are just using the WordPress software to build your site.” Something along those lines. xD

  11. @Splasher: It is slightly like it, except those need to be terminated as they copy everything from Club Penguin and then they make memberships free, etc. Our game does allow free memberships, but it’s a completely different idea. Also, the server is not private, that’s just pretty much a “hacked” Club Penguin and then they make their own servers. If they copyright anything on those sites that would be illegal.

  12. @aggron I didnt think it would hurt ur feelings i mean come on man r not 10.

    ps: love the site CSS
    pss: sorry about the email I always do stuff like that when im angry. Besides you sail the email was to had to handle anyway..

  13. @Jordan: This site has a chat… btw… hacking our emails was very scary to us because that was our domain emails that you had hacked. This may not seem that serious, but what you did was illegal and was highly dangerous to our domain.

  14. Have you guys tried out the new SFS x2 or something like that?
    100 users for free and better I guess.
    Also theres a new version of Adobe Flash CS5.

    Adobe Flash CS5.5 :O

  15. Yeah, I didn’t feel like switching over to SFS 2X just yet. But I’ve looked into it briefly. And yeah, CS5.5 has been out for a while now—at least a couple months. Honestly, I prefer CS4 over CS5… so I never looked into CS5.5.

  16. um powerflare its me again you said there is going to be a special event today hopefully is that hopefully a 0 persent chance now? i hope NOT

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