Gathering the Gang

[Edit 2017]: Without going into extreme detail, I became extremely sick for well over a year not long after this post. Ultimately, this attempt to regather everyone was unsuccessful, but please understand it was not because I wasn’t serious. I really was determined.

Update: If any of you have pictures from any Penguin Generation event (or really anything PG-related media at all—anything!), please posts links to them in the comments section! :D I want to use them for the PG history video.

Update 2: Thanks to Tromino, we have set up a new forum at!

Hey everyone, it’s Powerflare! It’s been forever, I know. I really do miss this place. Recently I’ve been giving a lot of thought to Penguin Generation. I’ve decided to do an in-depth, comprehensive video on the history of Penguin Generation. I also really want to have a reunion with as many people from Penguin Generation as possible. I would really love to reconnect with you guys! It’s been so long—yet it feels like such a short time—since I’ve been in contact with most of you; it’s a tremendous feat to gather, or regather, the gang once again.

But. I’m determined. Please, please, please, please, please comment if you see this post. Tell anyone you’re in contact with that had any remote connection to Penguin Generation. E-mail me! Send an e-mail directly to my personal e-mail at [email protected] Send me a message on Twitter. Contact me on my YouTube channel. Add me on Skype (powerflare). Please! I really want to make this happen. I miss the group and connections we once had through Penguin Generation. Let me know how you are doing, what you’ve been doing lately—anything. Hopefully I will be able to reconnect with many of you soon!


Who I’ve established contact with: Aggron, Corn Chipper, Lil Potts, Wiibob7975, thebuzz76, Tromino, Odudley, wordpress1234567890, Zoraise, Juju 97 97, Fire 104, Concerer82, Wobbler35097

150 thoughts on “Gathering the Gang

  1. This project was awesome—and such a huge part of my life! What made it awesome was more than just the idea of the game, Penguin Generation, but the community, Penguin Generation.

  2. The Jetpack plugin links the site to, and I think that puts the site on your profile like a normal blog. I don’t think it’s 100% good, though. x3

  3. We always had comment moderation. I might consider removing it now though. Comment moderation had a certain formal feel to it and also allowed us to remove jerky/annoying comments :mrgreen:

  4. I like the download version of WordPress more because there are things like plugins for things like bbPress forums and custom emotes, and you can edit the theme files. :P

    1. We tried to self-host once and I almost screwed everything up. A lot of people think (or at least used to think) I’m good with computers. I’m really not. :P

    1. I have a technical question that maybe you have the answer to.

      What is the difference between these two (in a theoretical example): and

    1. Is one better than another? What is the difference in their functionality? See, I really know nothing—especially about server/web-related stuff.

  5. I think subdomains can go to a different IP, but I don’t know. I think other is just what it looks like. And no, you don’t buy a subdomain.

  6. I can’t believe it’s been this long since the closing of PG… since the beta… since the opening of PG… part of it feels like yesterday! :P

  7. I can’t believe it’s been this long since the closing of PG… since the beta… since the opening of PG… part of it feels like yesterday! :P

    Yes. xD

  8. Recently I was looking at the Actionscript 3.0 and SmartfoxServer 2x which are newer than what PG used. PG ran on SmartfoxServer Pro 1.6.6 and used AS2. It’s quite a large change but I really like the new SFS2X and simple user interfaces (for the admin panel). Also, the expansion of many server-side features and variables look pretty cool.

  9. Decided to check up on this place today and it just so happened that you made a post yesterday. XD Yeah, well I’ll be checking every day now to see who returns…

  10. Haven’t seen you in a long time – seeing this post was by coincidence. Haven’t been to this blog in years; just wanted to see if anything had happened. Nice to see you again; sorry about PGM etc.

    1. Hi!!!! It’s been sooooo long since we’ve talked! How’ve you been?

      Lol I was reading through the old Mod pages and came to the conclusion that you and Lil Potts are some of the funniest people I’ve ever known

  11. I’m doing good.
    I think it would be great if we had a community server for Minecraft.
    Or any multiplayer PC game, like Garry’s Mod, Rust, 7 Days To Die, etc.

  12. It would be a good way for us to stay connected & have fun without working on PG or running a CP blog.

    1. Yeah! (CP is 100x more retarded now than when Disney started ruining it. It’s not even CP the last time I checked)
      Right now I have a Minecraft server running FTB on it. :P

  13. I have both Garry’s Mod & Minecraft.
    I think a survival game (like Minecraft) would be good for a community server.

    If nobody wants to host a server, we could just use someone else’s server that has barely any people online lol.

    I’ve had 4 iPhones so far. I currently have an iPhone 5, but I’ll probably switch to the Galaxy S5 next.

    I do have Skype, but I only use it for business purposes.
    But I’m sure I could add you anyway. My ID is Temper Thompson.
    However, I can’t do video calls because I don’t have a webcam.

    1. I think having a Minecraft server would be pretty cool. I don’t have a webcam either. :P

      And what do you mean “business purposes” O.O Do you have a business? Are you rich like you used to think I was? :lol:

  14. I just saw your new comment.
    What’s your Minecraft server address?

    I haven’t played Minecraft in a long time, so I’m not sure what FTB is.

    Yeah, on CP 3/4 of your messages don’t go through because of the filters they have.

    1. Feed the Beast (FTB) is a Minecraft modpack
      The IP is but you need the Modpack. If you wanna check it out sometime, I can help you set it up!

  15. I sell books on Kindle.
    I’m in a business group on Skype where other product creators in the Kindle niche can communicate with each other.
    I launch products that teach people how to make money on Kindle, and I do email marketing to promote other products as an affiliate.

    I wouldn’t say that I’m rich yet, but I do make more money that a person working full time at a minimum wage job. Lol
    I’m still learning, so I’m not at the top of the game yet.

    Could we use your Minecraft server as a community server?
    If so, you should make a blog post with your server address.

    Otherwise, we can look into hosting our own server or just piggybacking off some other server that people never use.

    1. There are a few custom mods that we added to the pack, btw
      But I’m broke, I don’t know how much longer I can keep that server up :P Maybe piggybacking is a good idea :P

  16. I never got to play Penguin Generation.
    It looks great, I can’t believe you got so far!
    Wow, that’s amazing.

  17. Thanks! It means a lot coming from you :P
    Because of my gay server scheduling thing, a bunch of people never got to play. I feel kinda responsible for that

    1. I’m going through the comments in order (with a few exceptions when I wanted to show Corn/Lil something on Twitter) and at the rate I’m going at it’s taking awhile. You hadn’t been hired yet at the point I’m at. :P I’m sure I’ll find some funny things. I have for everyone so far.

  18. Thank you for showing me that website wiibob I forgot that existed. I have no recollection of that or pg. the only things I remember from pg are the sliding around and how people changed to my name by using a capital i.

      1. This was actually when I got an understanding of grammar and spelling, I only have a few words misspelled unlike GamebiIl, this was right before I quit.

  19. I’ve signed in on my account.
    For some reason “Fire104” was suspended, but I was able to log into “thefire104”.
    That link’s not working. Is there any solution?

    1. This is temporary. I imported the CSS from the old blog but it doesn’t even work correctly. I can’t get the right version of this theme (Digg 3 Column) because it’s “retired.” We’re probably gonna make an entirely new design :)

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