Penguin Generation™ Summer Party!

Hello “Genguins”!

Like the joke, get it, “Gen” meaning “Generation” and then guins? Haha… Anyway. As you read in the title, the summer party is here and is still coming too! We will also have it during August! You can get the Red Lei and… the Green Sunglasses! As you can see, it’s not really one of Club Penguin™’s parties. It has decorations, items, etc. from their parties but this is our party. You will never see this party on Club Penguin. It’s really cool. I hope you enjoy the party! Also, we have a little video just for you guys to watch today (it doesn’t include the Night Club, sorry)!

-Penguin Generation™’s Aggron


Update: A new alternative to donating directly to us is by buying items from our store (the merchandise provider prices the items, not us….) by either clicking the link on the sidebar (click the coffee mug) or clicking here. We receive a certain percentage (it varies from item-to-item) of the cost of the item you buy.

Hey guys,

OK, so I get all of you keep on complaining about the Penguin Generation™ game login saying “Can’t connect!” or “Server is currently offline.” means currently the server is offline. The server is what allows you to connect and see other people in the room, without it, you would just randomly walk around and talk to yourself. Currently, the server only allows 20 people on Penguin Generation™ at once, and it is only on when we turn it on. Also, right now Powerflare is the only one able to turn the server on. This however, will be fixed. Soon we will have multiple moderators turning on the server. ALSO, with YOUR donations we will be able to support 20+ connections on the server, allowing more people to play! Also, there’s another way coming up soon to pay “donations”, well, actually you may receive something. More information will be released later.

Any questions PLEASE comment on the forum or email us at [email protected]!

-Penguin Generation™’s: Agg

Time for a “Reformation”

Hey guys.

This is a sort of sad post, but most of you probably know all along Penguin Generation has been a “Team of Two”. This was between Powerflare and I, and all the mods have pitched in pretty much a penny into the fountain. And the fountain is Powerflare and I. Powerflare and I have decided to “Reform”. Kind of like how there was corruption in the Catholic Church and then the “Reformation” began. Most of our mods are being… fired. Unfortunately, this is kind of sad because they are all our friends. We did not discuss this between any other mods. This is because whenever we do they stay for a week, then leave once again. We just need to STOP this. We are looking for people who can code, and no longer are we depending on images. Powerflare and I can handle pictures. We are stopping this, and for a long time we have given in and gave them more time. If you don’t like this idea, TALK TO ME. All the mods know they have done nothing. So all mods whom we do not know in real life are being fired. We can teach our real life friends, and we know we can. People we don’t know we can’t. Sorry, but we are making a tribute to all the penguins being fired. Even though they really don’t deserve one. Here all all the mods who have been and are being fired right now, that I have actually cared about:

  • Violin Playa: I’m sorry my buddy. You just weren’t active all the time. You would have made a great mod…
  • Fire 104: I really did like you Fire… it’s hard seeing you and Violin go. We had to though… Both of you would have been good mods, just, we need more activity from you guys. :(
  • Frosty1297: Oh boy, ha, all the things we did with each other. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have met Powerflare… I remember those days with Jcooler… you used to hate me. xD Then we became friends, I created a blog. I met you in 2007… You were my first “online friend”… But to tell the truth you and Powerflare aren’t “online friends”. You’re real friends. Well actually Powerflare is about to be a real friend anyway. xD Those days with Fire 104… you both really helped my blog. Then I met Powerflare because he really liked my blog. xD Powerflare and I discussed how we hated how CP had changed, and so then I said my idea about going to a server where everyone wore Old Club Penguin items, etc. However, he had a much bigger dream in mind that day. Penguin Generation. We started, all was well, and everything went well. We hired you after our first real year. Then a few months later… you were hacked. In other terms, to me, you “passed” away. I cried because after that day I never saw you again… but if it wasn’t for you Penguin Generation may have not started because Powerflare and I may have not met… :( Thanks Frosty…
To me these are the only mods who have been and are being fired that deserve a tribute. I’m sorry guys. I hope I can still talk to you all. For now, enjoy this good-bye video which is about to be changed to a tribute for them.

Website Theme and Donations

Hey PG players!


I hope you all are enjoying the beta out right now. We’ve been very successful lately. Unfortunately, I could not make a new theme during the renovations because if we completed the secret project the theme would be much better. However, this does not stop me from creating a theme until we have that. I’m trying to make a new theme. It needs to go well with the game and all coordinate together. I need your ideas. I’m not using any of the “black/green” odd themes anymore. So please, do not suggest these. Here are some questions to think about when telling me your ideas:

  • Whats colors make you think of Penguin Generation (if you could could you please give me these in codes so I know exactly what colors/ex. ff0000=solid red)?
  • How do I think of something that coordinates the colors and the size of text to the actual layout of the theme (layout meaning where everything is)?
  • What kind of fonts do you like (I need suggestions for Apple computers and Microsoft Computers just so it’s universal)?
  • What kind of pictures would you like to see?
  • What would you like to see in the background of the site, etc.?
  • If you can think of anything else please include these also!
Please email all these suggestions to [email protected]!
Well, I don’t feel great being the one to ask. I would like if you guys would donate to us though. Many of you keep complaining about lots and lots of things. I hope you all realize this costs us lots of money. On Club Penguin, they have millions of players, well, they have millions of members, so that pays for all their expenses. Our expenses, all come right from us. It may seem like, “Oh, they use WordPress, I heard that’s pretty cheap.” Yes, WordPress is not as expensive as everything else, but flash is expensive. 24/7 servers are expensive. Everything is expensive. WordPress adds up too. Currently, our server can hold up to 20 connections at once, but if we keep getting bigger that amount will rise, and will cause problems because we need to pay to have more people online. So please, we would greatly except if you gives us donations. And if you do and you tell us your name, we will probably give an award to you.



Server Status:

UPDATE: Wiibob7975 is the winner of the Commenting Contest! He will receive his Club Penguin 1 month Membership code shortly,

and Chub 777 won the second contest code! He was the first to type in the membership code!

Hey guys!

Time for teh code to be released to the public!

Code: 2595755160459158.

For the commenting contest we had a delay and could not get the commenting contest’s code, but we could get the one for the code to be released to the public. So whoever wins we will email you when we have the code. Time for the commenting contest! Get ready!



Merry Christmas!

Hey, everyone!

This is Agg here, writing a rare post from me… since you normally don’t see me posting! We have bought CSS again, which you can obviously tell, and I have brought back the Christmas theme from last year! I will be fixing it a bunch though, because last year I never thought of PC’s and made it for the benefit of Apple computers without knowing it. So I will be changing fonts and stuff like that for you PC users. Anyway, thank you to every fan of PG who was active and either read our posts, suggested ideas, used the forum, and much more. Merry Christmas!

Penguin Generation’s Moderator, Aggron: Merry Christmas!