Party a Success!

Update (by Powerflare): anyone who attends special parties or assists in testing that is pre-Beta (everything before the Beta stage—which you will know about) will be known as an Alpha.

Here is a bit of a hint at things to come (this is a screenshot of my computer).

Hello Penguins!

The party was so much fun! We shared the awards (see the Awards page), talked, and played on Club Penguin! Many moderators came to this party so you had a chance to meet most of them.

Special Reward to Everyone who came:

You will get a party hat, but when you wear it it will change your penguin’s outline, similar to this:

Thanks to all who came!

-Penguin Generation™’s Aggron

Christmas Contest


It’s Aggron here, and I wanted to announce a new contest we’re having. It’s obviously a Christmas contest, and it is just questions. You cannot respond to us through comments, but through our Christmas email. The email is: [email protected] It’s a test on how much you know about Penguin Generation’s history. You have to get half of the questions right, and tell us about what Christmas REALLY is about. If you are not a Christian just answer the questions and write us a sentence about you’re religion. The prizes are an inverted Santa Claus hat AND the first person to email us their answers will win a Penguin Generation email address (Buzz Light has won the email, everyone can now have as many chances as they want to win the hat though). This is what the inverted Santa Claus hat will look like:

Now, let’s look at the questions:

1) What day did Penguin Generation start on (hint: sometime in January)?


2) Who was the first mod added after the Original Six (hint: it ends with 9…)?


3) What was Penguin Generation’s first purpose (hint: it starts with “o” and ends with “n”)?


4) Estimation Answer: About how many comments do you think we post on a moderator page every 4 months (hint: a lot)? [No matter what you answer this will be considered correct]


5) What will the next year be?


6) What day is Christmas on this year?


Good Luck! Have a wonderful Christmas and remember to send your entries in at [email protected] If you can’t answer a question go to the Penguin Generation Wiki by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!

-Aggron from the Penguin Generation Team.

Listen to this Rule


I am so sick of the advertising, we say it everywhere, we ban people for 24 hours. They. Do. Not. STOP. For now on the 2nd time you advertise, you’re banned forever. Unless we ask you for the link, or it’s something about PG, Don’t even try.

Chat wise, 1st time you advertise on the chat you’re banned forever. Got it? Memorize it.

This is my first and last warning, get it through your head.

I’m going to make a rules page, or make a post and stickie it… an updated version of the rules.


No More Asking


I am very annoyed at some of the people who randomly come here, and try to get us to add them. You can’t use real life stuff to help you get in OK? We only care about people who are good at the computers. And first of all, I always say NO to anyone who ask to work here.

Now I’ve gotten so mad that I’ve come up with a solution. Every who comments trying to work here will be banned from commenting for 72 hours. Then every time you ask after that it will double the amount of time. After 4 bans you will be banned forever.

Also, I have come up with another idea. Everyone will get to do Test Launch, but not everyone will get to do Beta Testing. Beta Testing is not actually what Club Penguin did for theirs, Beta Testing is chosen people to play the game, so every mod will get to choose one person who comes here to be a beta tester. And beta testers will be given a special item that I am not showing you. My choice will probably be Agent Pen, Ju Ju or Davy.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.

Penguin Generation’s Aggron

Site Renovations Tomorrow + Possible Launch Shirt

Hey Penguins!

I don’t know if Powerflare has told you yet, but Penguin Generation’s site will be down during April 7th(tomorrow)- April 8th. It will be A LOT cooler! Plus, something alike to beta testing will be coming sometime soon(a month or more, maybe less).

Now onto the more exciting stuff! Beta testing is coming soon; a few months from now, maybe longer. But what you’re about to see isn’t what this is about. This shirt, is NOT about Beta Testing. Beta Testing is a lot like this, but this is different. It’s basically the same thing. But this is actually going to be called the test LAUNCH. Everyone who joins during test Launch, will be given this shirt during Beta Testing. Yes there will be a beta item too. I’m still thinking of a test Launch item to make. It’s probably not going to be the item I will show you, but it will be alike to it.

I will tell you what test Launch is about. It will be not really like Beta Testing. It is where you will have a penguin, a name you choose; but it can be used by multiple people. You do not have your own account on this. But people who comment here during the time of test Launch will be noticed to be given the shirt. You will be able to see other people, but there’s a catch, you can’t talk, wear clothes and your penguin’s color will always be blue. There will be absolute no buddies during this. But in the end, you’ll be happy since your first item ever will be a shirt. Now I should show you the POSSIBLE Launch Shirt:


I know Beta Testing is TESTING a game. But this is a little different. This is basically testing our test. :lol:

-Penguin Generation’s Aggron

Parties/Mod Parties


It’s me Aggron! I know I’ve been getting in fights with people lately (sorry to everyone I got in fights with). I’m really sorry. Today I’m going to talk to you about parties! As you know our beta testing party will be first! Then comes our other parties once we get PG completely running. Well, we came up with parties that are designed and geared towards individual mods! Ok… I know it’s kind of unfair, but it’s mainly just parties designed with some things we like! We are not trying to elevate ourselves as much as we are trying to express ourselves, and during mod parties we will get on more and play with you guys! Mod parties only last one day, so they are somethings you don’t want to miss. Most likely, the party itself will be changed a lot in the following year, and possibly moved to a different time. (A mod’s party will be on their given date [mix it up each year], or if nothing is said, their birthday). It will be very interesting, because most free items will go completely with the subject, and be special and really cool! Not to mention that these items will probably never return! I will give you a hint of my mod party, although this party may become a regular party!

Mars on a Basic Shirt:


Normal parties will be just as fun! In mod parties they’re just a little different, they can change EVERYTHING! They won’t change rooms, but they’re will be decorations. But outside you could be somewhere else… hope you like them!

We hope that these will be really cool! You can comment ideas for rooms when the parties come… also when PG is released!

– Aggron