Clock Tower Falls

The game has been updated. Go play it here:

Hey guys, it’s Powerflare! I don’t know it was a bad construction job from those jackhammer guys, the file size overload or what, but the clock tower broke down and fell over. Creative, huh?

I will upload today’s video that was supposed to be on the bulletin board to YouTube later. Also, a crew should be out soon to clean up the damage.


Beta 2.0 has Launched (with Bugs!)

Hey guys, its Powerflare! Beta 2.0 has launched, but the terrible, evil walking glitch remains. USE THE MAP WHEN POSSIBLE. The only room that can’t be accessed via the map is the Coffee Shop. Because of the glitch, we weren’t able to add as many things as we would’ve liked to the game. Here are a few things missing from Beta 2.0 that will be added to the next beta:

  • Night Club
  • Dance Lounge
  • Book Room
  • Chat Log

Click here to play Penguin Generation Beta 2.0!

Here are a couple of pictures of us playing the new, glitchy beta!

superreid3, you get a cookie for saying that! :mrgreen:

(^Click to enlarge) Hanging out in the newly released Snow Forts.